BFn' Bandits Teamspeak 2.0 (RC2) Setup Tutorial

For stupid people.

Step 1: Download Teamspeak 2.0 Client software

This can be found here.

Step 2: Install the software

I don't think I need to elaborate here any.

Step 3: Launch the software

You should have a window which looks something like this.

NOTE: When you click on another window or minimize the Teamspeak client, it may not appear on your desktop or in the taskbar, except for as a small icon in the task tray. You may click this icon to restore the client window.

Step 4: Click Connection, then Connect in the menu above.

As shown here.

Step 5: You will now be presented with an option menu which looks something like this below.

<< An option menu.

Right-click Servers, then click Add Server.

Step 6: Enter a name for this new server.

Try something like, Then hit [Enter]. No, scratch that, tap [Enter].

Step 7: You now have an option menu which looks something like this below. Follow the given instructions.

<< Your menu looks similar to this.

  1. Enter in the Server Address field (not to be confused with the label field)
  2. Enter your assigned username in the Nickname field
  3. Be sure to select Registered rather than anonymous
  4. Enter your assigned username again in the User Login field
  5. Enter your assigned password in the User Password field
  6. Do NOT enter channel information at this time

Step 8: You should end up with something sort of like this.

Click Connect

Step 9: Hopefully you are here, seeing something like this.

If not, try again or just assume it cannot be done.