ROCKS for GEOL-1040 / 1050

Here are the links to each of the 14 detailed pictures of rocks for Geology 1040 & 1050, courtesy Jeff. I believe there are two sets of rocks pictured for variety. The following links are not as high resolution as the archive below which contains all 14 pictures of the 29 rocks in high-res.

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

Please don't hog all my bandwidth looking at these multiple times. For the best resolution pics, download the archive Also, here is a great help link to UT's Geology 101 Rock & Mineral Identification website, courtesy Professor Tilson.

The pictures are shown in the order of the following chart, courtesy Professor Tilson. Feel free to print this out for reference.

  Name of Rock Type of Rock Texture Extrusive Intrusive
1 Granite Igneous Phaneritic   X
2 Granite Porphyry Igneous Porphyritic   X
3 Diorite Igneous Phaneritic   X
4 Gabbro Igneous Phaneritic   X
5 Dunite Igneous Phaneritic   X
6 Pegmatite Igneous Pegmatitic   X
7 Andesite Igneous Aphanitic X  
8 Basalt Igneous Aphanitic X  
9 Obsidian Igneous Glassy X  
10 Scoria Igneous Vesicular X  
11 Pumice Igneous Vesicular X  
12 Rhyolite Igneous Aphanitic X  
13 Quartz Pebble Conglomerate Sedimentary Clastic    
14 Arkose Sedimentary Clastic    
15 Sandstone Sedimentary Clastic    
16 Shale Sedimentary Clastic    
17 Coquina Sedimentary Nonclastic    
18 Oolitic Limestone Sedimentary Nonclastic    
19 Fossiliferous Limestone Sedimentary Nonclastic    
20 Dolostone Sedimentary Nonclastic    
21 Chert Sedimentary Nonclastic    
22 Coal Sedimentary Nonclastic    
23 Slate Metamorphic Foliated    
24 Phyllite Metamorphic Foliated    
25 Schist Metamorphic Foliated    
26 Gneiss Metamorphic Foliated    
27 Marble Metamorphic Nonfoliated    
28 Metaconglomerate Metamorphic Nonfoliated    
29 Quartzite Metamorphic Nonfoliated